Frquently Asked Questions

Sharing a common concerns and questions thay might be in mind with Client / Employees
We will make sincere efforts to solve them through FAQ.
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1. Why should Client go for outsourcing?

Answer: There are multiple benefits of outsourcing.
1. No need to invest in heavy cost of onsite.
2. Resources can be increased or descreased as required.
3. Flexible scheduling possible.
4. Management is easy.
5. You can concentrate on your main business rather than development.

2. Is it safe to do outsourcing?

Answer: Yes. Offcourse.
Its very safe to outsource your development work to us.
We can have NDA signed and keep your information confidential.

3. Can I trust this company?

Answer: Yes. Offcourse.
We have a track record of working with TOP Brand Japanese companies
Details can be shared during meeting.

4. Why should I outsource to Mirai?

Answer: Mirai helps you to find solutions to your problems
Mirai helps in identifying issues in development.
Mirai has a strong pool of resources with variety of skills.
Mirai can deliver product with Japanese standard quality.
Mirai beleives in KAIZEN and proactive suggestions during development.
Mirai beleive in bug free delivery.

5. What are the problems that I could face in terms of communications?

Answer: Absolutely No.
Mirai is very flexible to adjust schedules as per client requirements.
You can connect using Email, Skype, Hangout etc suits you.
For Japanese client we do have Language expertise.

6. I am a Japanese Client and Can not speak English?

Answer: No issues at all.
We have a Japanese language expertise with us.
We can arrange for Translators / Interpreters to help you smooth communication.
No need to create English specifications and we will manage that at our side.
All communication will be done in Japanese only.

7. Can I get a onsite support also?

Answer: No issues at all.
Our engineers can work onsite at client side on case to case basis.

8. What about security of Personal and Offcial information?

Answer: We respect your concern on security issues.
For any important project we used to sign NDA document to maintain security.
On case to case basis we can set up private network environment to maintain security.

9. What are the best part with Mirai?

Answer:Mirai has a clear understanding of Japanese and Non Japanese culture.
Mirai Team is very flexible to work on any technology.
Mirai a group of committed team consultants.
Mirai know what client wants as a delivery.
Mirai has variety of skill set you can get under one roof.

10. Can I select Mirai as a Development partner?

Answer: No issues at all.
Mirai understand clients demand in terms of Quality and Delivery.
Mirai speciality is providing cost effective solution.
Mirai has a strong background working with onsite-offshore model.