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        There is a huge demand for IT from global customer and lack of quality service providers. Sometimes even
working with Top brand companies Customers are facing quality and delivery issues. Sometimes small companies
can not upgrade them to support with standards recommended by clients. In order to bridge the Gap between
We thought to build a team of expert consultant those will be continuously working in achieving company goal.

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Global Business Consultant

Abhijit Ghanekar

In India IT sector is developing rapidly and on the same line clients are facing many Quality and Delivery issues.

There is no doubt about quality of Indian engineers but there must be other factors which we need to take care for complete utilization of our strength.

If we consider global demand in software development, right combination of Onsite / Offshore model is a ideal solutions for global IT companies.

We are here to get sought for our work, client satisfaction, delivery model , employee satisfaction etc and more.

We do have plans to open up our own products and provide unique and value added services to our Customers.

We would like to work with every Customer as a Partner

We are open to connect anytime.

Thank you

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